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On November 5, a brief comment on the price of polyester filament in Shengze chemical fiber Market

on November 5, due to the high price of upstream raw materials, today, the polyester market sentiment in Shengze and Jiaxing rebounded, and the purchasing power increased slightly, especially the polyester FDY multi f and full extinction FDY market continued to strengthen. The sales volume of textured POY precursor also increased. Generally, the production and sales of POY in tongzhixiang, Taicang and other places can be leveled or slightly exceeded. The quotation of mainstream products is stable, and the acceptance price transaction is slightly higher

from the price trend: the market center prices of FDY 50d/24f, fdy63d/24f and fdy100d/72f are 14400 yuan/ton, 13600 yuan/ton and 13100 yuan/ton respectively; The market center prices of dty75d/36f, dty100d/36f and dty75d/144f () are 1 respectively, but the instrument can directly quantify the feeling of 5000 yuan/ton, 14000 yuan/ton and 16, which can improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of material production by 700 yuan/ton; The market center prices of POY 75d/36f and poy100d/144f are 13200 yuan/ton and 13100 yuan/ton respectively. From today's sales market, FDY full extinction and semi extinction silk in Shengze market are selling well; The 75d/144f, 150d/144f and 288F winding market dynamic pins in DTY wire; The sales volume of textured POY yarn has increased significantly

the price of polyester chips has been increased by more than 100 yuan/t, and the self delivery price of semi gloss chips accepted in March today is 11100 yuan/ton. The mainstream of Youguang slicing will be accepted and delivered in March at 11200 yuan/ton. The market price of cationic chips is 11800 yuan/ton today. It will be accepted and delivered to the transaction in June

according to the analysis of the current market situation, although the cost of polyester raw materials remains high, spinning mills are willing to raise prices; However, at present, the spinning mills are more or less under inventory pressure, so it can be seen that the overall polyester market is difficult to achieve in the short term, mainly based on the running volume. The future market of course depends on the cooperation of downstream purchasing power

the overall price of the conventional "flat spray" type of chemical fiber lining fabric is still stable. The market buying of five satins and satins increased. The trading volume of jacquard lining market has increased; The consumption of knitted warp knitted women's clothing increased, driving its market sales. The demand for matt nylon and Matt polyester taffeta of fabrics for coating has increased, while the sales of plain peach skin velvet are weak. The market sales momentum of jet woven Island rough suede has declined, for example, 105d*400 suede, 105*450 suede, etc. The production and sales of air-jet products picked up slightly, with cotton like Tencel cotton and conductive cloth as the leading products. As the temperature drops, the domestic demand for fabrics is expected to increase. In terms of weaving startup rate, the startup rate of air-jet weaving in Shengze area is relatively stable, about 82% of the rising piston, about 75% of the water jet startup rate, and the water jet startup rate in surrounding areas is lower, about 60%

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