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Maxter signed a contract with Jinyu to invest in inorganic coatings

maxter signed a contract with Jinyu to invest in inorganic coatings

February 5, 2004

January 16, more than 10 senior leaders from Nordic Finland aubady rock company and the main leaders of Beijing Jinyu group gathered in Beijing Jinyu building, Maxter building materials (Beijing) established for joint investment is not as safe as the first transmission system Co., Ltd.

held a signing ceremony

maxter building materials (Beijing) Co., Ltd., which will be completed and put into operation in May 2005, has a total investment of 14.5 million euros and a registered capital of 8million euros, of which Albuquerque holds 80% shares and Beijing Jinyu group holds

Finland Albuquerque is a subordinate enterprise of maxter building materials group controlled by Heidelberg cement group. Maxter building materials group is one of the largest producers and suppliers of dry mixed mortar products in Europe. It has a high reputation and market share in the North Central European market, and its business activities cover more than 30 countries. The cooperation with Beijing jinyuji group is their first entry into the Chinese market, which is known as a milestone in the company's business

Located in Changping, maxter building materials (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is guided by the inner surface of the oil cylinder, covering an area of 20000 square meters. The imported dry

mixed mortar production line can produce four series of products, including dry mixed mortar and inorganic coatings for internal and external walls of buildings, tile adhesives and joint fillers, and ground self

leveling mortar. The designed annual production scale is 100000 tons

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