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Maxim launched 16 bit industrial series analog converter with two high-precision high-voltage output circuits

Maxim launched 16 bit industrial series analog converter (DAC) max5661 with two high-precision high-voltage output circuits. The DAC is highly integrated, with voltage output amplifier, current output amplifier and regulating tube integrated on a silicon chip

the dual output range voltage output amplifier provides a voltage proportional to the DAC value, with a range of 0 to 10V or -10v to +10v. The current output amplifier outputs a current proportional to the DAC value, with a range of 0 to 20mA or 4 to 20mA. Both voltage and current outputs have 25% extra over range output capability

max5661 is specially designed for industrial systems. It has multiple functions and can simplify the design of programmable logic controller (PLC) modules. The built-in voltage amplifier and voltage to current converter open the oil delivery valve, eliminating the inertia torque impact caused by the clamps and other connectors of the torque verification device, and the additional precision resistance and matching resistance for the whole temperature range. The gain resistor is terminated outside the package to facilitate surge and transient protection without affecting accuracy. In addition, the load fault detection function is also integrated. When the current output is open circuit or the voltage output is short circuit, the fault pin with open drain will be pulled to the low level, and the status of the fault bit can be passed through SPI? Interface read. In order to meet the requirements of PLC standard, the device output can drive 1.2? F capacitive load or 1H inductive load 1) runner design. 3. Before starting the bellows ring stiffness tester, the power supply of current output comes from independent power pins, allowing the current output to be powered by system power supply or 12V to 40V (usually 24V) external power supply. The 10mhzspi interface can adopt daisy chain connection, which greatly reduces the number of optocouplers required by the isolated multi-channel output module

max5661 provides 10mmx10mm, 64 pin LQFP package

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