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Mavenir joins hands with business partners to simplify the deployment of 5g cloud solutions

vmware cooperates with Dell technologies to achieve lower cost and faster deployment through containerized microservice 5g end-to-end solutions

mavenir announced the integration of its 5g cloud native telecommunication network function (CNF) with VMware container ready telco cloud (Telecom cloud) based on Dell technologies' edge computing solution 5g deployment and operation Mavenir's 5g deployment has been pre integrated and tested on Dell and VMware infrastructure, which will help accelerate deployment, simplify and reduce obstacles to 5g deployment, and provide the following new functions:

integrate open source container as a service (CAAS) and platform as a service (PAAS) with mavenir's microservice based 4g/5g solution, including packet core and 4g/5g vran network functions, as well as VMware's telco cloud infrastructure. It will be based on the local environment of VMware vSphere through VMware cloud on AWS (extended to AWS cloud, mobile network operators and enterprises can quickly and easily deploy Telecom workloads in private cloud or hybrid cloud environments.

promote the modernization of infrastructure through Dell cloud based mobile edge platforms, which are adjusted to host mavenir's 5g software solutions. Dell technologies edge computing solutions with VMware telco infrastructure help accelerate mavenir's high-performance containerization Integration and deployment of CNF and vnf

vmware nsx-t container plug-in (NCP) provides the integration between nsx-t and container coordinators such as kubernetes, as well as the integration between nsx-t and container based PAAS (platform as a service) products. Coordinated by VMware telco cloud automation, this solution has a self-healing infrastructure and closed-loop automation with network aware capabilities

this cooperation will enable mobile network operators (MNOS) to deploy mavenir's market-leading 4g/5g products and applications using VMware's container technology on the telecom cloud/edge computing infrastructure of Dell technologies. For MNOS who want to add 5g functions to existing networks or plan to launch new 4g/5g networks, this comprehensive solution is ready for the market Mavenir's 4g/5g vran and packet core solutions complement market-leading, virtualized IMS based volte, VoWiFi and rich messaging solutions to provide the next generation of end-to-end networks

Pardeep Kohli, President and CEO of mavenir, said: mavenir/dell/vmware solutions utilize end-to-end coordination, closed-loop automation mechanism and unified network slicing function Mavenir's solution is designed to meet the needs of?? Support applications and use cases with millisecond latency and fast response networks

mavenir executive vice president and Chief Strategic Officer joy pankajakshan said: mavenir is committed to reducing the total cost of ownership of mobile operators through innovative solutions. Simplifying deployment with pre integrated and tested solutions and a unified product roadmap is a key step towards this goal. Now, the design of (4) control equipment expected by network cloud (switch responsiveness and reliability can be achieved through this solution).

Gabriele Di piazza, vice president of solutions and marketing of VMware Telecom and edge cloud, said: by combining the collective expertise of several companies in the telecommunications industry, computing infrastructure and virtualized network, we have unique advantages to help mobile network operators (MnO) Communication service providers (CSPs) and enterprises realize business transformation

Kevin shatzkamer, vice president of strategy and solutions for Dell EMC service providers, said: we believe that the world is moving in the direction of software defining everything, and computing infrastructure and networks play a crucial role Dell technologies' portfolio of Telecom cloud infrastructure, open network, NSX and edge computing can provide our customers and partners such as mavenir with strong differentiated services, which is more conducive to the stable transmission of energy. Therefore, we will be committed to the success of this cooperation

about mavenir

mavenir is the only end-to-end, cloud native network software provider in the industry. It is committed to providing a comprehensive end-to-end product portfolio at each layer of the network infrastructure stack, accelerating software network transformation and redefining the network economics of communication service providers (CSPs). From 5g application/service layer to packet core and wireless access (RAN), mavenir is in a leading position in evolving cloud native network solutions, and provides innovative and secure experiences for end users With a series of industry-leading pioneering technologies in the fields of volte, VoWiFi, advanced information (RCS), Mul crossbeam slingshot curve - Cable Ti ID connecting mobile crossbeam and machine electrical, vepc and openran vran, mavenir has provided assistance to more than 250 communication service provider customers in more than 140 countries in accelerating network transformation, serving more than 50% of users worldwide

our application helps promote the breakthrough and innovative technical architecture and business model of service agility, flexibility and speed. By promoting the evolution of nfv to achieve network economies of scale, mavenir provides communication service providers with a series of solutions that help reduce costs, generate revenue and protect revenue. For details, please visit:

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