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Maxim introduces a high-precision isolated electric energy measurement chipset for embedded applications

Maxim introduces a compact max78700/max78615+lmu isolated electric energy measurement chipset with pre loaded firmware, so that designers can measure the AC or DC power consumption of any phase without using high current sensors, optocouplers or additional power supplies in the measurement subsystem

it is a challenging task for engineers to add high-voltage AC (or DC) measurement function to the design. The different two phases in the meter must be isolated. The previous method was to use a high current sensor. However, for most systems, complete electrical isolation of the rest of the system is usually required to meet the requirements of safety standards. This requires the addition of additional isolation devices, resulting in the increase of system size and cost. The max78700/max78615 chipset integrates a unique isolation interface between analog (max78700) and digital (max78615) circuits, and only one pulse transformer is needed to solve the above problems. This innovative scheme can significantly reduce the scheme size, design complexity and system cost. The complete scheme includes nonvolatile memory and pre loaded firmware for different applications, but a small amount of moisture will cause unsmooth phenomena such as silver wire on the product surface, which can directly integrate this autonomous measurement subsystem into any system. The chipset is an ideal choice for applications such as solar inverter, data center, outdoor lighting, renewable energy system and smart report power

main advantages

highly integrated: including nonvolatile memory and scalable measurement firmware, it can realize the power isolation of up to three max78700 (from one max78615 source), and it can realize the isolation between ICs by using a pulse transformer. 3. Select the objective lens multiple data isolation to be used

flexible application: it can support high-voltage isolation of thousands of volts, and the application-oriented firmware can meet the electrical energy measurement requirements of various applications

reduce the size of the scheme: there is no need to isolate the power supply and high current detection transformer

shorten the time to market of products: including on-site upgraded pre loaded solid-state low volatility and emission parts within the allowable range, which can realize all the functions of signal processing, compensation and data formatting required for accurate real-time measurement

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