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Metox won the bid for the paint strategy collection of the top 30 real estate Rongqiao group

metox won the bid for the paint strategy of the top 30 real estate Rongqiao group

on December 14, 2018

in early December, Rongqiao group announced the winning brand of coating, and Metso stood out with strong brand competitiveness. It successfully won the bid for the annual coating strategy collection of the top 30 real estate Rongqiao group, and successfully signed relevant cooperation agreements, adding gratifying performance at the end of 2018

this successful bid enables our company to give full play to the core advantages of the engineering platform in the national urban construction, and also lays a solid foundation for our company's project bidding in the subsequent stages. In the next stage, the company will focus on the bidding requirements, integrate internal human, technology, products and other resources, and fully promote the construction of Chinese coatings for Rongqiao group project with high quality and high speed standards

Rongqiao power semiconductor module (or DC/AC converter) can be used in industrial driving technology, solar inverter and power train of electric vehicles. Zhonghua group

Rongqiao group was founded by Mr. Lin Wenjing, a famous Chinese entrepreneur, and was born in Fuzhou, China in 1989. Rongqiao group takes real estate development and diversified industries as its driving force for two rounds of development, involving but for Polaris, commercial, property, hotel, education, medical treatment, agriculture, port development, industrial villages and other industrial fields. It is a comprehensive foreign-invested enterprise with the ability to expand the whole industry; In the past 29 years, Rongyao has won numerous praises: China's top 28 real estate enterprises, China's top 18 real estate enterprises in brand value, ranking second in the operating performance of China's real estate enterprises, and was rated as China's annual influential real estate enterprise

in the whole industry development chain, Rongqiao real estate group takes real estate development as the core, while developing the construction of hub ports and large industrial villages; Rongqiao industrial group carries out diversified layout around the livelihood industries encouraged by national policies, and has a head office of Commerce, a hotel business department, an education business department, a medical business department, and an agricultural business department to serve the full life cycle needs of people

the latest top 100 strategic partners of metus

strong comprehensive strength, high-quality service and good reputation have won us the trust of more and more partners by 2017; Hard work, spring flowers and autumn fruits. 2018 is about to leave. In 2019, we will continue to provide many partners with high-performance products and high-quality services. Autumn leaves fall, the east wind rises, and the road ahead is long. We will go hand in hand to build a perfect product

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