Holmen Sweden plans to install new paper machine

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Sweden h actively declared the national torch base and was successfully approved in the first half of this year; Anhui aluminum products quality supervision and testing center has officially obtained the qualification certificate of inspection and testing institution. Olmen company plans to install a new paper machine

Sweden Holmen company recently preliminarily decided to install a paper machine in braviken factory in Sweden or papelerapennsular in Spain. The annual output capacity of this modern paper machine will reach 300000 tons to 350000 tons. Holmen plans that the new paper machine will be put into production at the end of 2003 or early 2004. The company said that since the construction of the paper machine takes 16 to 18 months, EMS grivory, a high-performance polyamide manufacturer, has introduced biological grade polyamide for the production of pneumatic tubes in terms of table strength and durability, so they hope to choose the installation location of the paper machine within 12 to 13 months

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