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Honeywell donated more than 2000 intelligent fire detection alarms to Wuhan Leishen Mountain hospital on March 6, 2020. After learning that Wuhan Leishen Mountain hospital needed fire detection alarms on February 26, Honeywell immediately took action to deploy 2102 intelligent wireless independent fire detection alarms and donated them to Wuhan Leishen Mountain hospital. Honeywell only took four days to complete the scheme determination, goods adjustment, and the capacity of the dynamometer should not exceed the predicted breaking load of the sample. Too much goods and commissioning have been officially handed over to the property management department of the hospital a few days ago. Honeywell engineers have trained property management personnel to ensure that the fire detection alarm can operate intelligently and stably in Leishen Mountain hospital

the fire emergency capacity of hospitals is very important. After receiving the demand from Wuhan leishenshan hospital, the Honeywell intelligent building technology group team immediately launched the emergency support plan. The donated intelligent wireless fire detection alarm does not need wiring. By sensing the visible smoke generated in the early stage of the fire, it helps the hospital eliminate dangerous situations in time or evacuate personnel, which has been favored by people. At the same time, the alarm information is uploaded to the intelligent fire control monitoring platform in real time, and the information is shared to the mobile terminal to remind the hospital to take effective measures immediately to build a stable and reliable intelligent fire protection guarantee system for the hospital with stable medical quality

Li Ye, vice president and general manager of Honeywell Intelligent Building Technology Group in Greater China, said: the emergency donation and installation deployment of thousands of intelligent fire detection alarms cannot be separated from the silent support of Honeywell Xi'an and Wuhan teams. The three Honeywell engineers in Wuhan who are in the front-line battlefield work around the clock and contribute to improving the intelligent fire prevention and control level of Raytheon Mountain hospital. I am very proud of our hearty and caring employees! We also sincerely hope that all sectors of society will make efforts to defeat the epidemic as soon as possible

in order to ensure the safety of on-site engineers, sun Ling, the project leader coordinated in Wuhan, contacted various resources to provide engineers with various necessary protective equipment. Sun Ling said: we can't live without one in this big family! In the face of the epidemic, unite as one and overcome the difficulties together. I believe we can win the battle of epidemic prevention! At present, three Honeywell engineers working in the hospital are being quarantined for 14 days according to relevant regulations

background information:

the following is the timeline of Honeywell's emergency assistance to Wuhan Raytheon Mountain hospital:

on February 26

after receiving the intelligent fire detection demand from Raytheon Mountain hospital, He Jun, general manager of China sales of the Fire Department of Honeywell intelligent building technology group, immediately set up a team to start the emergency support production plan

on February 28

after the Xi'an factory of Honeywell intelligent building technology group went all out to rush the work, the 2102 donated fire detection alarms completed production commissioning and emergency loading, and they were directly transported to Wuhan by special car from Xi'an under the coordination of the logistics department

on February 29, 2102 fire detection alarms donated by

arrived at Wuhan Leishen Mountain hospital successfully

March 3

2102 fire detection graphene can be used as the replacement material of other filling systems to complete the commissioning of the fire detection alarm, which is officially handed over to the property management department on site. At the same time, Honeywell conducted training for the owner and relevant departments to ensure the stable operation of the system

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