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Honeywell: fight to meet the needs of customers

the company that can launch the world's first DCS system, master the latest direction of the industry and stay ahead in this field, complete the project of reducing maintenance costs by 30% and 98% on time within the budget, and upgrade and rebuild existing equipment within 20 minutes is Honeywell. In addition to its applications in petrochemical, oil and gas, paper and other industries, electric power is also one of the target markets it has been trying to serve. For more than 35 years, Honeywell has been using automation and advanced control solutions to provide power plant solutions and improve the operation of power plants in more than 90 countries around the world

in all countries in the world, power plants are facing the challenge of adapting to the changing enterprise environment, which means that it is necessary to improve power generation efficiency and reduce costs, so as to increase revenue and reduce the increase in power generation costs caused by old assets. At the same time, on the basis of ensuring safety and reliability, we must increase power generation and improve safety facilities to meet increasingly stringent environmental requirements. China is no exception, which is more obvious in thermal power plants

affected by business pressure and environmental pressure, at present, the most concerned problems of thermal power plants in China are how to obtain the best economic benefits and how to meet the environmental protection regulations such as desulfurization and denitration, which determines the attention of power plants to the input-output ratio, and they are more concerned about the actual benefits or overall cost reduction brought by advanced solutions to the plant. Honeywell focuses on this point and strives to innovate for it

the company launched the Experion process knowledge system (PKS), which can predict various potential problems and make information acquisition, embedding and distribution easier. By reducing costs for old and aging fuel steam power plants, the company increased revenue, while coping with increasingly stringent environmental requirements, improving the safety and reliability of power plants, and helping power plants respond to abnormal conditions

PKS is more than just a set of DCS. It can also integrate your employees, processes, assets and businesses, and help improve profitability. Jiangxi is a traditional non-ferrous metal industry province in China. It is designed for power generation, integrates boilers on the same platform, realizes the balanced configuration of power plants and turbines, embeds a large number of special process engineering design functions, meets the unique needs of public power, combined cycle and cogeneration power plants, reduces the time of engineering design testing, commissioning, maintenance and documentation, and improves the safety, reliability and efficiency of power plants and employees. It is applicable to the upgrading of new power plants and existing DCS systems. Honeywell's words on the station show its advantages in power plant business

it also launched Experion? Process knowledge system power and energy solutions can improve the working range of boilers, reduce flue gas emissions, optimize capacity utilization, optimize transient control, reduce maintenance, etc., and help customers maximize efficiency and stability while minimizing energy costs. For example, the advanced combustion control module can reduce fuel consumption by 2% - 5%, greenhouse gas emissions by 2% - 4%, and total operation and maintenance costs by 3% - 5%

in China, Honeywell's advanced technology has been confirmed in Shanxi Lujin Wangqu Power Generation Co., Ltd., Qitaihe first power generation Co., Ltd., Chongqing Hechuan Power Generation Co., Ltd. Through the power enterprise centers located in the United States, Europe and Asia, Honeywell has installed more than 1300 control systems in many power plants around the world

today, when energy conservation and emission reduction have been raised to the national strategy, all walks of life are working hard for this, as is the automation industry of thermal power plants, and Honeywell has also performed well in this regard. Of course, its power and energy solutions have been a powerful tool for energy conservation and emission reduction to improve efficiency and save costs for customers. It is understood that it can save up to 25% of energy. In addition, it also helps clean power generation projects, such as providing Huaneng Tianjin IGCC power plant with PKS process knowledge system and gasification control safety management system. After the completion of the project, it will become the most environmentally friendly thermal power plant, with power generation efficiency increased to 48% and desulfurization rate up to 99%; Honeywell also has leading technology in the control of circulating fluidized bed unit. In 1979, it used DCS for the control of circulating fluidized bed boiler, and in 1995, its cfbb-roc technology was applied in power stations

in China, the large-scale projects brought about by the shutdown of small thermal power plants, the higher than expected growth of power demand, the relatively stable supply and demand of electricity and coal, and the relatively stable price of electricity and coal have reduced the loss rate of power generation enterprises and even started to make profits, and power generation enterprises are facing the pressure of energy conservation and consumption reduction, as well as the need to improve efficiency, all of which provide capital power for the actual measurement range of power generation enterprises: 50kN ~ 2500kN industry reinvestment and equipment upgrading, It also naturally promotes the application of relevant automation solutions. This is good news for the whole thermal power plant automation industry. Honeywell naturally sees that it is not only the design of material formula that clears all this. Driven by the huge market and industry advantages, it will continue to fight to meet the needs of customers

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