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Hollys HOLLIAS AMS equipment management system was officially released

with the rapid development of fieldbus technology, enterprises choose to use intelligent instrument equipment to achieve factory automation production has become the future development trend of industrial automation. However, there are great differences in the type, manufacturer, version and time of intelligent instruments. In addition, each instrument requires special software for configuration and operation, which makes it inconvenient for users to operate, manage, maintain and upgrade

after more than a year of research and development, Beijing hollys technology center has independently developed HOLLIAS AMS equipment management system (hams) by using various advanced parameters and functions provided by intelligent instruments and aiming at the current situation of insufficient instrument management in factories. It has been officially released and put into the market

hams is the solution of Hollysys for the asset management of factory equipment. To put it another way, Vertu and haoya settled the case. Based on Hart, FF and PROFIBUS protocols, hams takes foreign advanced equipment integration technology EDDL (electronic device description language) technology and fdt/DTM (field device tool/device type manager) technology as technical means, It integrates data acquisition and data analysis, and is mainly used to realize the functions of remote configuration and diagnosis, calibration, calibration management of factory instruments, predictive maintenance of investment promotion, and log record tracking. The equipment management and maintenance function provided by hams enables intelligent devices to maximize benefits, reduce instrument losses and reduce maintenance costs. In addition, it provides users with a fast, convenient and unified management platform, so that the factory can greatly improve the availability, production capacity and product quality of factory equipment while reducing operations, maintenance workload and operating costs, It can realize the seamless integration of hams system and DCS

because the traditional maintenance method cannot realize remote configuration, cannot obtain the internal performance status information of the instrument remotely, cannot automatically record the operation change information, and cannot avoid the maintenance operation of the instrument in a dangerous environment, and the functions of calibration management, predictive maintenance management, logging program, equipment diagnosis, etc. provided by hams and Lishi equipment management system, It provides a reliable management guarantee for the comprehensive automation of enterprises. The functions provided by hams are very rich, and the main functions are described as follows:

1 Equipment configuration: simple and intelligent equipment configuration, which can be automatically imported into the field project only by scanning operation, so as to realize instrument communication with different types and different communication protocols on site

2. Remote management: "In order to meet the cycle time required by customers, the parameters of intelligent instruments can be obtained remotely, and the parameters of intelligent instruments can be set remotely, without entering dangerous places for instrument maintenance;

3. predictive maintenance: predictive maintenance of instruments can be carried out, without daily routine inspection and maintenance, so as to reduce the failure rate of instruments and extend the time required for regular maintenance, so as to reduce the operation and maintenance costs;

4. State detection and maintenance: can be set Periodic diagnosis and detection of instrument state changes, accurate alarm and perfect alarm management provide an efficient instrument early warning mechanism for the site

5. Calibration management: it can easily design the calibration scheme, automatically generate the calibration report and calibration trend curve, and judge the aging degree of the instrument

6. Document management: automatically record all configuration changes and operations, and provide equipment accounts, work tickets and other functions to comprehensively improve the management level of the factory

7. User management: the permissions and passwords of different users can be set to avoid misoperation caused by unauthorized users and meet the needs of factory safety management

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