Honeywell expects sales to increase by 4% in 2013

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Honeywell predicts that the sales volume will increase by 4

in 2013, and the sales volume is expected to reach US $100 million; Earnings per share is 4 $95, an increase of%

the company reiterated its expectation that 2012 was at the midpoint of the previous guidance range, and announced that it would purchase the rupture tester of e-tengmai for about US $600million. The main reason for the inaccurate or small test value was that the air in the oil cylinder was not swept clean.

it is expected that the endogenous sales growth will reach%, If the acquisition and foreign exchange factors are included, the growth will reach%

strong operating performance and sales conversion are the main factors to promote the profit growth in 2013

the continuous strong cash flow makes it more flexible to provide value

the outlook for 2013 will include the acquisition of e-tengmai company; The acquisition will expand the scale and global market penetration of the company's scanning and mobile technology business

Morris Town, New Jersey, December 12, 2012 - Honeywell (nyse:hon) today announced its 2013 earnings forecast and reiterated that its outlook for 2012 was at the midpoint of the guidance it had previously provided. Specific information is as follows:

2013 guidance

2012 2013 comparison 2012


sales ~ $37.5 billion $billion%

department gross profit ~ 15.6% 15 1% BPS

operating profit margin [1] ~ 13.7% 14 5% BPS

earnings per share [1] ~ $4.47 $4.75-$4.95 6%-11%

free cash flow [2] ~ $3.7 billion ~ $3.7 billion flat

[1] it is estimated that v%/bps does not include any pension adjustment calculated by market value

[2] free cash flow before any narco related payments and cash pension payments (cash flow from operating activities minus capital expenditure)

based on our excellent achievements in the past decade, Honeywell continued to make great progress in 2012. Mr. gaodewei, chairman and CEO of Honeywell, said. We achieved good sales growth, achieved unprecedented profit margin and double-digit earnings per share growth, and continued to create strong free cash flow. More importantly, while achieving these results, we also make continuous investment for future growth. Over the past decade, we have made many efforts to change Honeywell's development model, and achieved outstanding results today. We have a business portfolio with differentiated competitive advantages, balanced development of long-term and short-term businesses, successful new product development and technology reserves, expansion of regional markets, and continue to focus on the key initiatives that drive our success. Although we expect the economic development to be slow in 2013, we will maintain flexibility and insist on focusing our work on growth, efficiency, competitiveness, as well as promoting sales and improving profitability. Those important methods to improve our productivity, including Honeywell operation system, function transformation, organizational efficiency and rapid product development, will continue to be the company's distinctive advantages, and will contribute to strong profit growth and cash flow in 2013

acquisition of e-tengmai company

Honeywell also announced that it had signed a clear agreement with e-tengmai company (NYSE Code: in) to acquire e-tengmai company at a price of $10 per share, equivalent to a total net cash of about $600million. E-tengmai is a leading supplier of mobile terminals, RFID, barcode, label and receipt printers. Its products are widely used in storage, supply chain, on-site service, manufacturing and other environments. This acquisition will increase the business scale of Honeywell's rugged mobile computing equipment and expand the product line of its automatic control system group's scanning and mobile technology business

Mr. Roger Fradin, President and CEO of Honeywell automation control system group, said: Honeywell's scanning and mobile technology department was established through the successful acquisition of American Weilin, metrology and EMS companies, and the participation of Yi Tengmai is a natural extension of the development of our scanning and mobile business. It will strengthen our core scanning and mobile computing business, and bring us new opportunities in the fields of radio frequency identification, voice recognition, bar code and receipt printing; This acquisition will enrich our product line and strengthen our intellectual property system, so that we can maintain a long-term technological leadership in the promising field of automatic identification and data acquisition (AI cementitious materials refer to DC through physical and chemical interactions). Yi Tengmai has a wide range of technical capabilities and customer coverage. We hope to integrate these advantages into the existing company structure in the future and consolidate our leading position in AIDC market. Our world-class M & A integration process will once again deliver value to our shareholders

after the acquisition, e-tengmai will become a part of Honeywell scanning and mobile technology department (HSM) under Honeywell automation control system group. Yi Tengmai has about 2200 employees in 65 offices around the world, and its services cover almost every region of the world. The company is headquartered in Everett, Washington

the acquisition is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2013 after the routine regulatory review is completed and approved by the shareholders of e-tengmai. For more purchase details, please click $39 5-Billion-Up--Proforma-EPS-Of-$px 。

about Honeywell

Honeywell () is a diversified, high-tech advanced manufacturing enterprise, one of the fortune 100. In the world, its business involves aviation products and services, building, home and industrial control technology, turbocharger and characteristic materials. Honeywell's history in China can be traced back to 1935. At that time, Honeywell opened its first Distribution Agency in Shanghai. At present, Honeywell's four business groups have all settled in China, and the Asia Pacific headquarters of all its business departments have also been moved to China, with many branches and joint ventures in 20 cities in China. Honeywell has about 12000 employees in China. For more company information, please visit Honeywell

about Honeywell scanning and mobile technology department

Honeywell scanning and mobile technology department (HSM) is subordinate to Honeywell automation control system group (ACS). It is a top manufacturer of high-performance imaging and laser data acquisition equipment. Its products include mobile data terminals and bar code scanners. Honeywell scanning and mobile technology is one of the manufacturers with the most comprehensive and outstanding corrosion resistance product line in the automatic identification and data acquisition industry. It provides data acquisition equipment for enterprises in the fields of retail, manufacturing, medical treatment, transportation and logistics to help them improve operation efficiency and service quality. In addition, Horney 6: Jiahe Shiwei also provides advanced software, services and professional solutions to help customers manage data and assets more efficiently. Our products are sold all over the world through a wide range of dealers and distributors. For more company information, please log in to Honeywell scanning and mobile technology station

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