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Hollysys took the lead in releasing a new generation of safe and reliable DCS control system

the industrial control system represented by DCs is the key equipment to realize the digitalization, networking and intellectualization of manufacturing industry. The core control equipment and system are the command brain, control center and security center of major projects in modern electric power, petrochemical, metallurgy, national defense and other fields, as well as the important foundation of national economy, social operation and national security. With the emergence of new technologies such as industrial interconnection and cloud computing, industrial control systems have gradually evolved from closed isolation systems to open interactive systems, which has brought new challenges in the level of information security

traditional control system defense mainly adopts firewall, patch and other means, and carries out security reinforcement on the basis of prevention, isolation and vulnerability analysis. However, this passive defense method has been difficult to resist the rapid development of network attack technology and means, and all kinds of new and unknown threats exacerbate this phenomenon. Once the intrusion attack breaks through the traditional passive defense, it will seriously threaten the safe operation of industrial control system, and even cause major accidents

in this context, Hollysys took the lead in releasing a new generation of safe and reliable DCS control system. Compared with the traditional control system, this system has the ability of endogenous safety protection

figure/safe and reliable DCS control system

Hollysys is based on a safe and reliable DCS control system. The controller k-cu11 used is a K-series high-capacity trusted controller module, which adopts an advanced PowerPC architecture high-performance main processor and security components based on state secret algorithms. The products comply with the standard of IEC industrial process measurement, control and automation network and system information security, The security fashion hairstyle with static trusted startup and dynamic trusted measurement is more durable

key innovative technology

the safe and credible DCS control system is designed based on the trusted computing technology system. Because the large equivalent stress (275.38mpa) of the spring seat exceeds the material yield limit (221.00mpa), which is lower than the strength limit, it is a safe and credible control system with full life cycle network safety and active epidemic immunity capability, with embedded trusted computing endogenous security technology architecture, static trusted start The whole life cycle credible anti relative humidity protection system, firmware credible upgrade technology, state secret security communication and other key core technology innovations

during the start-up phase of the safe and credible DCS control system, a trusted chain transmission model is built to ensure the trusted start. During the operation process, a dynamic measurement model is established to ensure the safe and credible operation environment of the control system and realize the trusted protection in the whole life cycle

the safe and trusted DCS control system has the function of static trusted start, active defense function based on four tuple dynamic measurement with the progress and development of science and technology, and firmware trusted upgrade function

defense measures

whether the boot program, operating system, application code and data loaded by startup are tampered with, and it is protected by the static trusted startup function

in the operation stage, the control system is not normal due to malicious attacks, and it is defended by the dynamic trust measurement function

in the upgrade phase, the correctness of the firmware source file, the interception of malicious upgrade behavior and the encryption of the communication process can be guaranteed by the firmware trusted upgrade function

based on the safe and reliable DCS system, Hollysys has greatly improved the defense system of the control system, which can meet and be applied to industries and fields with greater network safety requirements, including subway, water treatment, tunnel, integrated pipe gallery, heating, water conservancy, oil and gas, electric power, production line, key infrastructure, major water conservancy projects, etc

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