Hollysys helps Beijing rail transit operation

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Hollysys helps Beijing rail transit operation

Changping line is 31.7km long, with a total of 12 stations. The project is divided into phase I and phase II. Phase I was opened on December 28, 2010. The second phase was officially started in April 2015, and the full function was successfully opened within half a year after the commencement. The second phase of Changping line is 10.6km long, all of which are underground lines, with 5 stations (beishaowa station, Changping Dongguan "1025" period station, Changping Station, Ming Tombs scenic area station, Changping xishankou station), 1 Ming Tombs depot, and a testing line in the depot. The first and second phases of Changping line have been put into operation, which can effectively improve the traffic environment of Changping new town. EMS grivory company said that it can effectively ease the population and industry in central Beijing and promote the optimization of urban functional layout

as the integrator of Changping line signal system engineering, Hollysys scientifically planned and carefully prepared, organized all signal system suppliers to fully implement, and completed all progress goals in strict accordance with the schedule

after hard work, the installation and commissioning of the signal system of the project have progressed smoothly, and the plastic will deform and benefit under stress. The no-load test run has been started since September 2015, and the full function and zero tail operation have been realized by December. The project progress and quality of the whole line were highly praised by the subway owner, the Transportation Commission and the acceptance experts

the Changping line signal system project is the first Metro signal system integration project of Hollysys, and the opening of its phase I and phase II full functions is a milestone for the Metro business of Hollysys. Through this project, Hollysys showed the owners of Beijing Metro the company's ability and strength in system integration, project implementation and key technology of molding process adjustment; It marks the first application of the data communication subsystem DCS and MSS maintenance support system designed, produced and debugged by Hollysys in the subway field

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