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Heavy rainfall caused power outages, and nearly 50% of the power supply of Nanfang power Guangxi company has been restored.

from 11:00 on July 1 to 17:00 on July 2, Nanfang power 3. The cooling speed is fast. Affected by heavy rainfall, Guangxi company stopped 5038 radio areas in its jurisdiction, affecting 240400 users. In this regard, the power supply personnel have acted quickly and actively rush to repair. At present, the power supply has been restored. 2539 new energy vehicles have been subsidized to start the downhill machine platform area, 111400 users, and nearly 50% of the power supply has been restored

due to the long duration of this heavy rainfall process, large cumulative rainfall, strong short-term rainfall, and partial overlap with the location of the previous heavy rainfall, the power is greatly affected. In order to restore power supply as soon as possible and ensure power safety, up to now, Guangxi Nanfang power Guangxi company has invested 2489 people, 613 vehicles, 2 power generation vehicles, 13 generators, and is stepping up the rush repair of other unrecovered radio stations and lines

it is reported that Guangxi Meteorological Observatory has updated the rainstorm blue warning to rainstorm yellow warning with S-type sensor at 9:30 on July 1. It is expected that in the next 24 hours, some areas in Nanning, Guigang, Wuzhou and other cities will have rainstorms, and some areas will have heavy rainstorms to heavy rainstorms, accompanied by short-term thunderstorms, strong winds and other strong convective weather. In this regard, Guangxi Nanfang power company timely issued a blue warning for wind and flood prevention and rainstorm, and made comprehensive preparations. In case of power failure, it will spare no effort to repair and quickly restore power

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