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China will ban single hull oil tankers from entering the port next year. According to Lloyd's of the United Kingdom, song Dabin, the Second Secretary of the Chinese Embassy in the United Kingdom, quoted in London on the 13th, China will ban single hull oil tankers engaged in international trade from entering the port on January 1, 2010, as an important measure to eliminate single hull oil tankers in advance. Enterprises and businessmen engaged in Oil Trade and tanker transportation must pay attention to this matter as soon as possible. It is estimated that 820 old single hull tankers in the world will be affected and face elimination

song Dabin said that single hull oil tankers, including Chinese or foreign flags, would be denied access to Chinese ports from January 1, 2010. He also said to that only single hull oil tankers engaged in domestic trade along China's coast were allowed to call Chinese ports

the rules formulated by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) were originally scheduled to ban the operation of single hull tankers in 2010. However, the terms allow oil tankers to extend the grace period to 2015 or the age of the ship to 25 years, provided that they must comply with the operation plan under the evaluation of port state monitoring and approval conditions. In the past 18 months, about 150 old single hull tankers have been sold in the scrap market

China rented 25 single hull ships in the first September

the newspaper believes that oil tankers have been banned from entering ports in North America and Europe, mainly based on the striking casualty figures of single hull oil tankers and the significant impact on the ecological environment in polluted sea areas since 1990, while the regulation in the Middle East and Asia is relatively loose

according to the data of poten partners, an American ship broker, 188 fixed leasing contracts for oil tankers in the first nine months of this year, China has leased about 20 single hull oil tankers. In 2007, this single hull tanker was as high as the blade that should be studied and repaired; (3) The position of the adjusting block on the load lever is inappropriate 628 ships

due to the shrinking scale of fixed leases, India, Thailand and Taiwan have surpassed South Korea and Chinese Mainland to become the largest single hull tanker tonnage importing and exporting country and region in the world in 2009

except that China has not officially disclosed its regulatory intention to IMO, all these countries and regions have reported their basic attitude towards single hull tankers to IMO. After the "Hebei Spirit" tanker leaked crude oil in the port and caused pollution in South Korea, South Korean oil companies and maritime officials have hinted that they will start to formulate a measure to eliminate single hull tankers ahead of the original plan. Korean oil company only leased 27 single hull tankers in 2009, but so far, IMO has not known whether South Korea will be denied access to the port of single hull tankers in January next year

there are 59 single hull ships left in the five-star flag

the international trade of single hull oil tankers in 2010 may be affected by fluctuations in freight and rent due to the above reasons. In 2009, the tanker market rent was basically at a low level and relatively stable. Broker experiments began to argue that the factor of spot rent using single hull tankers had long been marginalized

according to the statistics of Clarkson in London, there are 59 single hull oil tankers with Chinese flag, including 1 VLCC, 4 suezmax and 2 aframax large tonnage tankers, and the rest are small tonnage tankers

there are 828 single hull tankers in the world, most of which are between 5250 and 10000 DWT

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