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Chinatelecom is expected to reach cooperation with BlackBerry by the end of the year

Chinatelecom is expected to reach cooperation with BlackBerry by the end of the year

after Chinatelecom made clear in August that it would introduce blackberry and palm Treo, on October 15, Li Tong, marketing director of rim China, told the newspaper in Shenzhen: "rim has cooperative relations with more than 500 telecom operators in more than 170 countries around the world, which means that we will never cooperate with only one operator in China, and our cooperation with China Mobile is not exclusive."

the source told that the negotiation between rim and Chinatelecom has entered the final stage of detailed discussion, and the specific cooperation mode is expected to be announced before the end of this year, while the communication and email services may be launched next year

it was learned that BlackBerry, the world's second largest smart brand, signed a cooperation agreement with China Mobile in May 2006, aiming at China's enterprise user groups, especially those branches and offices of multinational companies in China, as well as China's financial and other industry users who pursue the highest efficiency

Li Tong told this newspaper, "BlackBerry 8700 officially appeared in the business hall of China Mobile in June 2008, but its main customers are still enterprise users. After three years of development, BlackBerry has opened up many major customers in China, such as Ping An insurance, CITIC Securities, Anxin securities, CICC, COSCO, Baosteel Group, etc."

in addition, rim has also cooperated with China Mobile to develop new services for small and medium-sized enterprises in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places in Guangdong. The monthly service price is lower than the three packages (398 yuan/month, 498 yuan/month and 598 yuan/month) launched by China Mobile in the early stage. At present, some users have been developed

however, rim has always been secretive about the size of BlackBerry users in the Chinese market. Li Tong said, "rim just upgraded its office in Beijing to a Chinese company in April this year. At present, the number of Chinese users accounts for a small proportion of rim's more than 30 million users worldwide. We are still in the market introduction period, and the headquarters are relatively satisfied with the performance of Chinese companies."

obviously, for rim, which accounts for 55% of the North American smart market, the Chinese market with the greatest growth potential is an area it must explore. However, the excessive monthly fee launched by China Mobile has limited the growth of its enterprise users, and it will obviously take some time to persuade Chinese enterprises to spend some money to provide mobile email services for their employees

Li Tong told, "The biggest problem we face in the Chinese market is to tell enterprises that their efforts in the BlackBerry gold spray free team have successfully helped dozens of customers achieve the upgrading of materials from spray to spray free. The email service can bring efficiency. 1. Of course, smart shoes have a high rate of return. According to our experience abroad, the return on investment of BlackBerry solutions is as high as 238%, and each user can use 250 hours a year The original inefficient time. "

in fact, rim is planning to launch new personal customer services while launching enterprise customer services with China Mobile, Li Tong told, "In the world, we have more than 3 million new users every quarter. Among them, 51 large insurance companies announced that the settlement interest rate of universal insurance in January 2014 was only 4% and more than 0% for individual users. In the competition for the personal intelligence market in North America, our share is still about 50%, so we will not give up the personal user market in China."

it is learned that rim is planning to introduce more BlackBerry models to China, including the latest touch screen, handwriting input to meet the needs of the Chinese market, and will add new services such as fashion entertainment functions, social SNS software, instant messaging, and these services will also be embedded in BlackBerry's power-saving "push" technology

Li Tong said, "rim's upcoming personal customer service is also for personal customers who are interested in instant mail services and are willing to pay, and terminal sales still depend on China Mobile."

in addition to the cooperation with China Mobile in personal customers, the cooperation between rim and Chinatelecom is obviously a win-win choice. For Chinatelecom, it needs blackberry, a globally influential terminal product, to promote its new 3G communication services; Besides China Mobile, BlackBerry has found Chinatelecom, which can also increase its channels to develop enterprise users and individual users

for rim, which is about to launch China's experimental machine industry in China, in order to obtain benign development of personal customer service, the introduction of Unicom iPhone will inevitably speed up the launch of new products, which means that rim has only a somewhat "outdated" 8700 in the past three years, and the situation is expected to change in the near future. 21st Century Business Herald

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