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China Southern Airlines Beijing call center guarantees the travel of 24 foreign diplomats

July 4, 2011 news: on June 10, the call center of China Southern Airlines Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as "China Southern Airlines") Beijing Branch received a call from the contact person of the contracted key customer, hoping to apply for a 53 person team from Beijing Urumqi on June 24 and Urumqi Beijing on June 27. In the process of seat application communication, the team leader of China Southern Airlines' Call Center learned that the team was diplomats from 24 countries, including the ambassadors of Egypt, Croatia and other countries, as well as the envoys, counselors, people's government and Xinhua news agency of the United States and Italy. Nine passengers reached the VIP level, which was the first time that the major customer booked tickets after signing a contract with China Southern Airlines. In order to win the trust of key customers in China Southern Airlines and promote the brand of China Southern Airlines, the team leader of the call center of the customer relations department responded quickly and contacted the relevant key account managers of the marketing department and customer relations department of Beijing Branch in time to reflect and communicate the needs of key customers

work together to resolve the three demanding requirements of the ambassador group

key customer contact person to China Southern Airlines Langsheng high performance materials business department: nbsp; With innovation, the automotive and electronic industries have developed three demanding requirements. First, the team must decide whether to issue a ticket three days before the flight takes off, so seats must be reserved until June 21 or even later. Usually, there is a great risk of keeping team seats until three days before the ticket is issued. The marketing department of Beijing Branch has kept 53 seats to the time required by major customers through repeated communication with the Marketing Committee. By the noon of June 21, it was close to the final time for the team to issue tickets. Due to the schedule of diplomats, the travel list of key customers was still not determined. Beijing Branch tried again to adjust the final time for ticket issuance to the noon of June 22. Second, the accuracy and other aspects are suitable and meet the needs of the industry. Second, major customers proposed that China Southern Airlines must deliver tickets to the door and pay on-site checks. Due to the shortage of delivery personnel, Beijing Branch was unable to complete the ticket delivery task. In order to keep the tickets of key customers, the customer relations department overcame the tension of ticket delivery personnel, and finally delivered the tickets to the contact person of key customers the day before the passengers left, and safely recovered the ticket money. Third, as the passengers are diplomats or media personnel, the key customers asked China Southern Airlines to arrange on-board seats and special meals in strict accordance with the seating order given by them. The call center timely delivered the passengers' needs to the high-end passenger room, and the high-end customer manager carefully packed the boarding passes of 53 people in the corresponding envelopes according to the needs of key customers

thunderstorm weather open space guarantee seamless

on June 24, Beijing encountered thunderstorm weather, and the high-end passenger room timely contacted the ground service, call center, marketing department and other relevant departments to fully ensure the travel of 53 flights. Later, the call center contacted Xinjiang branch many times to confirm the relevant details of passenger return guarantee. On the evening of June 27, 53 passengers successfully returned to Beijing. On June 28, the call center of the customer relations department of the Beijing branch again called the key customer contact person to ask about the passengers' travel feelings and proposed an invitation to diplomats and media staff to help enterprises clarify their development ideas. The key customer contact person said that the embassy had always taken flights from other airlines before, and this was the first time to take China Southern Airlines, I felt that the sales and ground support of China Southern Airlines were very professional and considerate, especially when the thunderstorm hit Beijing on the same day, when the vast majority of passengers thought that the trip of the whole team would be delayed. I didn't expect that China Southern Airlines could successfully protect them and win time for their exchange activities in Urumqi. Fellow ambassadors feel very good about the ground support of China Southern Airlines and hope to have more opportunities to take flights of China Southern Airlines in the future. Civil aviation resources

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