China should speed up the industrialization of coa

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China should speed up the industrialization of coal liquefaction

Recently, some experts and scholars believed in an interview that China should accelerate the industrialization of coal liquefaction, produce more fuel oil by direct liquefaction process, and realize the diversification of China's coal energy supply and consumption, which is of great practical significance to ensure the country's political security and sustained and rapid economic development

the contradiction between oil supply and demand in China has become increasingly prominent

China is the sixth largest oil producer in the world. Before 1992, China has been exporting oil to Japan and other countries. Since 1993, China's oil import volume has exceeded the export volume, and began to become an oil importer. In 1999, including oil products, China exported 13.62 million tons, imported 57.43 million tons, and now imports more than 40 million tons every year

according to Wu Yin, chief engineer of the national energy administration, the main reason for the increase in oil imports is that with the expansion of China's economic scale, the demand for oil is also increasing. At the same time, the change of consumption structure is also one of the important reasons. In the past, coal accounted for a very large proportion of China's energy consumption, 76% in 1990 and 67% in 1999. On the contrary, the dependence on oil is increasing, from 17% in 1990 to 23% in 1999. With the steady development of China's economy, oil consumption is also increasing sharply. In 1999, the oil consumption was 200 million tons, while the output was only 160 million tons, and the import volume was more than 40 million tons, accounting for about 20% of the total diversification cost of the market demand of the plastic film blowing machine industry. It is estimated that China's oil import volume will probably reach 40% of the total consumption in 2010, and the net import volume will be 120 million tons

yangxingping, director of Shaanxi Shenmu Shenneng Clean Coal Research Institute, said that the contradiction between oil supply and demand in China is becoming increasingly prominent, and the oil situation is very serious. The upsurge in oil prices will also have a huge impact on China's economy

as China's main energy, coal not only makes important contributions to the national economy, but also brings a series of environmental problems in the process of its development and utilization. About 90% of China's coal is used for direct combustion, which has caused serious pollution to the atmosphere. 80% of sulfur dioxide and soot in the country are caused by coal combustion, which has become one of the important reasons for acid rain, acid fog, respiratory diseases and agricultural income reduction; The carbon dioxide released by combustion induces and intensifies the greenhouse effect of the earth, endangering the ecological balance and human survival

in recent years, due to the rapid growth of China's economy, environmental problems have become increasingly prominent, and the environmental situation is very serious. Population control, resource conservation and environmental protection are long-term plans related to the survival and development of the Chinese nation. While maintaining rapid economic growth, the most effective and direct way to reduce environmental pollution is to accelerate the change of energy consumption structure and replace the direct combustion of coal with clean liquid fuel, which will further increase China's demand for oil and its products

the industrialization of direct coal liquefaction is imperative

facing the situation that the demand for oil will increase sharply, China has taken corresponding countermeasures. First, increase the development of oil resources. Second, import oil from abroad. Third, accelerate the development and utilization of alternative oil and its products. The substitutes of petroleum and its products mainly refer to synthetic methanol, dimethyl ether, coal liquefied oil, etc. Coal can be converted into methanol, dimethyl ether, synthetic oil and other clean liquid fuels

Wang Jian, chairman of Shenhua Ningmei group, said that coal liquefaction, transforming coal into clean liquid fuel, is an important aspect of replacing oil with coal. The state has included the coal liquefaction project in the Ninth Five Year Plan of clean coal technology. Liquefaction of coal into petroleum products can give play to the advantages of more coal and overcome the disadvantages of less oil, which is of great strategic significance to enhance China's national strength and ensure the political and economic strength of the country

it is understood that the direct liquefaction of coal is a worldwide topic, and its industrialization has been highly valued by governments of various countries since the 1980s, and research institutions have been set up to research and develop related technologies. The direct liquefaction processes of coal mainly include solvent extraction, catalytic hydrogenation, and low-temperature pyrolysis. The research on direct coal liquefaction technology in China started in the late 1970s. At present, various modern testing methods have been established and improved, and some small-scale test devices have been established to produce qualified gasoline, diesel and aviation fuel products

China is rich in coal resources, and there are many kinds of coal suitable for direct liquefaction. By the end of 1999, China's cumulative proven coal reserves exceeded 100 billion tons, accounting for 90% of the total proven reserves of various energy sources (coal, oil, natural gas and hydropower). China is also the largest coal producer and consumer in the world, and the coal price is relatively low, which provides rich and cheap raw material resources for the industrialization of direct liquefaction of coal in China

Wang Jian said that building a direct coal liquefaction plant must also have strong financial strength. Take the direct coal liquefaction project of 10million tons of refined oil in the west near the origin of raw materials as an example, the construction capital is about 50billion yuan. After more than 20 years of reform and opening up, China's comprehensive national strength has been greatly improved and its economic strength has been greatly enhanced. Therefore, relying on our own strength, we are fully capable of providing sufficient funds to build this high-tech and strategic project. At the same time, because this project is forward-looking for solving the world's energy problems, it is also favored by international capital that many additives will be separated from plastics due to physical or chemical effects such as volatilization and decomposition in the process of processing or use. Construction funds can be raised through foreign channels. In short, the construction funds can be solved through two channels at home and abroad

it is of practical significance for the west to take the lead in promoting the industrialization of direct coal liquefaction

"To realize the industrialization of direct coal liquefaction and build the project in the western region close to raw materials is not only a specific action to implement the strategic decision of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council to develop the West and speed up the economic development of the west, but also to make full use of the rich and high-quality coal resources in the west, which can achieve twice the result with half the effort. The selection of the project in Ningdong coal field, the largest high-quality power and chemical coal base in China, has more practical significance." Yang Xingping said

first of all, Ningdong coalfield is located in the middle of Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia and Gansu provinces, and the transportation is very convenient. These provinces and regions are important regions in the development of Western China. The construction of direct coal liquefaction project can give play to the regional advantages of this region, and the oil products produced can be sold in the surrounding provinces and regions nearby, so as to alleviate the contradiction between supply and demand of petroleum products in these provinces and regions. In this way, coal transportation can be eased 2 The transmission of lever transmission system causes the tension of railway transportation capacity, which can give full play to the existing production capacity of the mining area and further increase the value of raw material resources in the West. Ningdong coalfield is a rare packaged coalfield in China, with proved reserves of 27.3 billion tons, equivalent to the sum of all proved reserves in the three northeastern provinces. The long-term predicted resource is as high as 139.4 billion tons, and the coal is of excellent quality and shallow burial. The coal belongs to high-quality power coal with ultra-low ash, ultra-low sulfur, ultra-low phosphorus and medium high calorific value, as well as coal for environmental protection, metallurgy and chemical industry. Using the coal here as the raw material of the direct liquefaction plant has the conditions of abundant resources, high reliability and low oil production cost

secondly, although the direct coal liquefaction project has a large investment, its income is also considerable under the existing conditions in China. In 1997, China completed the feasibility study of a million ton coal liquid chemical plant in cooperation with Germany, Japan and the United States. From the research results, the coal liquefaction process in various countries is technically mature and economically feasible

Third, Ningdong coal field is located in the transition zone from the Loess Plateau to the Inner Mongolia Plateau. It is vast, sparsely populated and rich in resources. It has the construction land for the construction of large-scale direct coal liquefaction projects, and has sufficient water sources and sufficient electricity, which is conducive to the industrial layout of direct coal liquefaction projects. The raw coal in this area is supplied nearby and can be directly transported to the plant by belt, which greatly reduces the transportation links and is conducive to the improvement of the economic benefits of the project. Moreover, since the development and construction of Ningdong base, tens of billions of yuan of construction funds have been invested, a relatively perfect public supporting system and life logistics support system have been formed, and a large number of managers and construction teams with experience in construction organization and management of major projects have been trained, which can lay a solid foundation for the construction of direct coal liquefaction projects

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