China vigorously promotes the green development of

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China vigorously promotes the green development of global energy

climate change is a common challenge facing the world. Some countries may not feel it yet, but many countries have been born suitable for high-precision parts processing, assembly fixtures, fixtures or backing structures

Dai Yande, a researcher at the Energy Research Institute of the national development and Reform Commission, is an authoritative expert in the field of energy and climate change. He has always believed that to cope with climate change, we should become energy and lose energy

carbon dioxide emissions from fossil energy consumption account for more than three quarters of all greenhouse gas emissions. Clean energy plays an important role in coping with climate change. It is urgent to accelerate the replacement of clean energy such as hydropower, nuclear power, wind power and photovoltaic

Dai Yande said that today, the total global energy consumption is about 13.2 billion tons of standard oil, and non fossil energy accounts for less than 15%. At present, the total global energy consumption is far from reaching the peak, and at least 10 billion tons of standard oil will be added in the future

fortunately, in recent years, with the increasingly mature industry, continuous technological breakthroughs, and continuous application innovation, clean energy 2) the first half of this view is theoretically untenable, and the price is becoming more and more people-friendly. New energy vehicles and rooftop photovoltaic power stations have been integrated into people's daily life

in Yanqian Town, Wuping County, Fujian Province, rows of photovoltaic panels heartily absorb light elements and convert energy. According to the Department of pollutant emission non-compliance of Wuping County power supply company, the annual average power generation of photovoltaic power stations built in the town can reach 12.6 million kwh, which is equivalent to saving the combustion of more than 4000 tons of coal every year and greatly reducing the emissions of carbon dust, sulfur dioxide and other pollutants

at the recent Shanghai Energy Innovation Forum, Yang Lei, a senior adviser to the director of the International Energy Agency, said that around 2030, photovoltaic power generation is expected to become the cleanest and cheapest electricity. By 2040, renewable energy and natural gas will meet more than 80% of the energy demand

in the global wave of green energy development, China has become an important participant, contributor and leader. The International Energy Agency predicts that China will continue to lead the development of global clean energy in the next five years

at present, China has become the largest renewable energy producer and application country in the world. The installed capacity of hydropower, wind power and photovoltaic has remained the world leader for many years, and the scale of nuclear power under construction also ranks first in the world. In addition to its scale advantages, China has also become a leader in the field of clean energy technology and applications and connectors for EV

"solar power generation systems from China can be seen almost everywhere on the roofs and open spaces of British families." Wu qiaowen, British Consul General in Shanghai, expressed admiration for China's clean energy development and hoped that the two countries would further strengthen clean energy cooperation and technological innovation

from historical experience, energy substitution is a lasting process. At present, the instability of clean energy power generation such as wind power and photovoltaic makes its large-scale promotion face challenges in the short term. China is also actively exploring technological innovation to promote the clean and efficient use of traditional energy

"innovation is the first driving force to lead the transformation and development of energy." Songxuefeng, deputy general manager of Shanghai Shenneng group, said that during the "13th five year plan" period, Shenneng group will start the construction of innovative engineering projects such as the national demonstration project of new efficient and clean coal-fired power generation. At the same time, accelerate the construction of Shanghai International Energy Innovation Center, connect domestic and foreign leading technological resources, incubate and cultivate new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection innovation businesses, and create an energy innovation base

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